Simon Muzolf
Jo Hudson-Lett
Shaun Milsom

Fusion exists for us to make music together. To do this we need to work as a team and show each other Respect.

We need to respect each other by:

•  Arriving on time
•  Keeping mobile phones on silent or switched off
•  Listening to other people when they are talking
•  Encouraging each other – we should never be rude to anybody, or laugh at them

We can show respect for the leaders by:

•  Listening when they are talking
•  Helping them when we can – we could offer to make the refreshments, or put the chairs away at the end of the session
•  Letting them know if we have a problem - for example if we have to miss a session, or is somebody in the group has upset us
•  Behaving in a grown-up way at all times – for example, by not eating while we are supposed to be singing


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Faith in Queen's Park 2012
All Saints Parish Church, Westbourne Road, Queen's Park, Bedford, MK40 4LD