After 14 months of preparation, Fusion staged Jigsaw: The Queen's Park Musical in June 2008 with support from the pupils of Queen's Park Lower and Westfield Middle Schools. Over 700 people attended the 4 performances.

Jigsaw was both light-hearted and hard-hitting. The script celebrated our diversity but also explored resistance to immigration, beginning with evacuees from London. The struggles of successive waves of newcomers from Poland, Italy, the Caribbean, South Asia and Africa were chronicled. as were current ethnic and religious tensions.

Casting for the show was creative. The Sikh hero was played by an African-Caribbean child, as were Italian, Polish and British characters. British girls were cast as Jamacian men. A Punjabi Christian girl played the part of a Pakistani Muslim elder. And so on, creating quite a challenge for parents dealing with costumes and make-up!

Fusion seeks to foster religious and cultural understanding and it's hard to imagine a better educational vehicle than Jigsaw. A report can't quantify the wide smiles and shining eyes of performers and parents at the curtain call. Suffice to say that in so many ways, Jigsaw was a massive hit.

Apart from anything else it was just plain fun!




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Faith in Queen's Park 2012
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